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Child care communication tool customized for your center to provide unmatched communication solutions through a private platform for teachers and parents. Invite parents and staff to install child care center’s custom apps to bridge the communication.

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Parent Connect App | Child Care App

Bridge The Communication With Your Parents

Parents Connect App provides child care centers a secure and reliable private platform to bridge the communication with their parents. Each center has their own custom child care App for their parents to install. Teachers and staff members have access to parents and reports through a real-time web-based customer relationship management application that runs in the cloud. Additionally, child care centers have a custom staff App to enhance inter-staff and parent communications as well improve time management.

Child care app

Customer Communications Management

This is a new and innovative App-based product and SaaS enhancing the communications between the parent community and child care centers. It allows centers to easily record, store and retrieve child status information in a structured manner through cloud-base storage. Centers can communicate status information and send update or time sensitive messages to their parents’ smartphone or tablet via the user friendly child care App. Documentation and communications are stored within the dashboard and staff app for retrieval when needed. Capabilities exist to export, save and print through the dashboard.


Knowledge of customers is everything and staying connected to them is key. Parents Connect App allows centers to painlessly record and maintain documentation of: daily report sheets, incident report sheets, weekly report sheets, forms submission, newsletters, calendars and communications with parents. It also allows real time communications with staff as well as with parents through instant messaging. Corporate managers or owners of centers have the ability to monitor all documentation and communications.

Child care App


Parents have the ability to monitor all aspects of their child’s care while the child is at a center with their Apple or Android device through the Parents App. Child care centers have web-based access to their custom dashboard and capabilities with their Apple or Android device through the Staff App.

Parent Connect App | Child Care App

Connecting Your Staff and Teachers

The staff app allows centers to employ Apple iPads and Android tablets within the classroom as well as mobile devices outside of the classroom to bridge communications with parents and other staff members. Teachers and other staff members can:

♦ Create and send parents daily report sheets, weekly report sheets and incident report sheets with photos and videos

♦ Send and receive messages with parents or other staff members

♦ Access the center’s calendar

Each staff member will have access through their center’s staff app and their dashboard (Laptop/Desktop). Directors and assistant directors will still have access to all messages and reports through their devices.

Child care Capp
Child Care App

Parents Connecting To Your Child Care Center

Working parents continue to seek greater insights into the health and welfare of their children while in child care.

Some of the features parents receive:

Receive/Send emergency or non-emergency messages from/to teachers and staff 

Receive daily report sheets, weekly report sheets or incident reports that include photos and/or videos from teachers 

♦Receive newsletters from your child care center

♦Receive push notification and email alerts with messages, newsletters and reports (daily, weekly & incident)

Retrieve and sync child care center’s calendar to show schedules, activities and meals

Retrieve and return forms electronically

This new platform provides real-time visibility into child care via their handheld devices with the child care App; thus bridging the communications gap parents struggle with today.


Setup and installation takes up to twenty seconds and after a few clicks you can start connecting.


Pricing is set for all sizes of centers with a tier level for the number of children


Simplicity! We designed the App with the goal of simplicity and ease of use for centers and parents.


Care Providers data management is centralized and organized with-in dashboard


Great communication is the key to all great relationships


Saves on resource expenses accrued managing a center with older technology


Parents not only want and need this to manage their communications with the centers but the child care App easily integrates with their smartphones and tablets


We believe that every business need can be satisfied with a solution. We strive to ensure your continued satisfaction with industry best business and technology solutions

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Our Approach

The fully integrated approach and diverse capabilities provided by the Parents Connect App team ensure an “unmatched total solution” for every child care center.

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative solutions required to meet the needs of child care provider’s daily management and communications with the parents. Our team relies on customer satisfaction, monitoring and evaluation, information technology, team management, and desire to bridge communication in order to ensure our clients’ success.

Product Packages

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  • Secure User Authenticity
  • Secure Documentation Storage
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